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Qualified, experienced and knowledgeable, our Owners Corporation Managers will ensure each property under Ability management is in great hands.

A professional relationship with the owners and committee along with residents is critical whilst a consolatory approach to rights and responsibilities, meetings management, service providers and budget controls of all Owners Corporation goes a long way to protecting and growing your asset.

Let Ability show you that a different approach will deliver an improved level of service.

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A well-versed team with support and knowledge of building and facility management compliance are on hand at Ability.

Extended years of experience managing plant equipment, services and security will provide a robust and comprehensive strategy for Building and Facility management at your property.

We would be delighted to discuss and prepare a detailed proposal that will ensure regulatory compliance and smooth running of your building.

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At Ability we consider new developments as an area we excel. As evident in our extensive and diverse portfolio we have already worked through the end to end process with many developers from residential estates, high rise to commercial sites.

Our team are able to advise on all aspects of establishment of an Owners Corporation.

We take pride on our methods of approach to provide comprehensive solutions and advice to all our clients, regardless of the size and type of your property.

As a commitment to our desire to manage your Owners Corporation, we provide the following services at no cost to you as the developer/builder:

Initial Developer/Builder Meeting

Gathering of information such as:

  • Draft building plans and Plan of Subdivision
  • Understanding of common services (car parks, waste, caretaking, maintenance etc.)
  • Expected building cost
  • Schedule from planning to completion
  • Variables including multiple Owners Corporations
  • Understanding essential services and utilities
  • Developers expectations of the OC Manager

 Preparation of Indicative Budget

From the scope provided, Ability Property Services will prepare an itemised budget identifying all aspects of services to common areas.

Using our budget builder, the budget will broadcast the complete administration figure and apply per lot liability as detailed in the Plan of Subdivision.

Quotes will be obtained were practical whilst we have access to service costs at similar buildings to establish estimates.

New building warranties are considered at this time given servicing can be covered in the 12-month warranty period.

Activating an Owners Corporation

With the registration of title being the trigger there are many aspects that are completed in readiness to activate the Owners Corporation, these include:

  • Purchase Strata Insurance
  • Completion of all Owners Corporation Certificates
  • Conduct and minute the Inaugural General Meeting
  • Apply for Owners Corporation ABN & TFN
  • Issue Common Seal
  • Establish the Owners Corporation bank account
  • Finalise Model and/or Special Rules
  • Affixing of Owners Corporation management sign
  • Prepare detailed welcome pack for all owners
  • Activate services required to common areas
  • Prepare and coordinate owner/tenant move-ins
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The Owners Corporation Act 2006 is quite specific around the requirement for strata properties requiring appropriate insurance for building, common property and public liability.

At Ability we can assist with Residential and Commercial Strata, Common Ground Lability and Landlord Insurance quotations.

Our depth of knowledge and experience gives us a unique insight into the Strata market and our understanding of risk allows us to provide you with the very best level of service.

We owe our success to professional expertise, attentive personal service and a commitment to building long-term relationships with every client.

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Whether you have a new development, are self-managed or already have an owner’s corporation manager looking to change, at some stage there are decisions required around appointment of your manager.

Ability will guide you through the appointment procedure however; to assist here is a summary.

  1. Check Managers Compliance

Consumers Affairs Victorian is the governing body where details on the registration and appropriate insurance details around owner’s corporation managers exist.

A manager must:

  • Be registered with the Business Licensing authority (BLA)
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance cover for a minimum prescribed figure of $1.5M
  1. Contract of Appointment (COA)

Formalising an appointment between the owners corporation as a legal entity and the management company is essential as the owners corporation is responsible for the actions of the appointed manager.

Most managers use the COA prepared by Strata Community Australia.

  1. A Managers Powers and Functions

Managers are also bound by the COA, therefore their powers and functions will be determined by;

  • the owners corporation at a general meeting
  • the committee
  • the terms and conditions as detailed in the Contract of Appointment
  1. A Managers responsibility

Not all owners corporation managers offer a complete suite of services yet often the needs of an owners corporation are determined by the committee and its chairperson through consultation with the manager. These services generally include yet not restricted to:


  • Convene and attend AGM
  • Submit a budget and financial statement to and record minutes
  • Submit a report of the Manager’s activities
  • Assist with Special General Meetings or Ballots


  • Arrange for minor repairs and maintenance of Owners Corporation Property.
  • Compliance and OH&S for common areas
  • Arrange Essential Services Maintenance for common area
  • Establish an approved maintenance plan as required
  • Providing 24/7, 365 days a year after hours emergency service


  • Establish and operate a separate trust bank account
  • Maintain account records covering all income, expenditure, assets and liabilities
  • Prepare annual financial statements
  • Provide copies of supplier invoices
  • Issue notices for annual fees and special fees
  • Debt recovery of outstanding fees
  • Scrutiny of incoming accounts and prompt payment upon authorisation
  • Reconciliation of bank account


  • Arrange insurance or renewal
  • Arrange building replacement valuation
  • Prepare and lodge routine insurance claims
  • Provide insurance services in respect of insurance products


  • Maintain roll of owners names and addresses
  • Make available for inspection the Owners Corporation’s records
  • Maintain the Register of the Owners Corporation
  • Issue Owners Corporation certificates
  • Deal with routine inwards and outward correspondence/emails/phone calls and alike
  • Keep and supervise the use of the common seal
  • Keep safe all Owners Corporation records including minutes


  • Provide guidance to the Owners Corporation ensuring compliance with the Owners Corporation Act 2006, the Owners Corporation Regulations 2007 and 2018
  • Owners Corporation Model and Special Rules


  • Generally, implement the decisions and instructions of the Owners Corporation
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For many, being part of an owners corporation is a very new experience. To help build a better understanding of some of the issues and requirements the management of your property faces we have commonly asked questions purely as a guide, not as legal advice.

What is an Owners Corporation?

An Owners Corporation (formerly known as a Body Corporate) is an owners group responsible for the management of the common property of their property development.

Common property will include lobbies, car and passenger lifts, pathways, driveways, common gardens, car parks and stackers, fire equipment – in fact any facility set up for use by owners and residents. It is legally defined as any property not on individual title to any particular owner.

Created when subdivision plans are registered at Lands Victoria, the Owners Corporation I governed and regulated under the Owners Corporation Act 2006, Owners Corporation Regulations 2007 & 2018.

As a lot owner in the subdivision, you are automatically a member of the Owners Corporation.

Do I have to be a member of the Owners Corporation for my property?

As a lot owner, you are automatically a member of the Owners Corporation. With membership comes a legal and financial responsibility to the Owners Corporation, it is important that members familiarise themselves with those requirements in order to understand their role.

What does an Owners Corporation do?

The Owners Corporation manages and administers works on the common property areas and enforces rules, regulations and by-laws.

It ensures the areas and facilities it is responsible for are comprehensively insured and maintained. These services are paid for from the fees collected via the lot owners by the Owners Corporation.

What do my levies pay for?

Costs and fees vary based on the demands of the membership and requirements in specific state and national legislations. Typical expenses include services such as:

  • Buildings and Public Liability Insurance
  • General Maintenance and Repairs
  • Common Power, Water and Gas
  • Lift Maintenance
  • Fire Protection Equipment and Services
  • Essential Service Inspections
  • Gardening and Caretaking
  • Emergency expenditure such as leaks, blockages, electrical faults and insurance claim excesses
  • General administration – e.g.: issuing of correspondence, invoices, minutes and certificates
What is an Owners Corporation Manager? (OCM)

An OCM is a professional manager that administers an Owners Corporation, assisting with finances, insurance, administration, meetings and maintenance functions. An Owners Corporation can appoint an OCM to carry out a range of specific functions under a contract agreement.

What does and OCM actually do?

Specific OCM functions will carry dependant on the term of appointment and the delegated authority. That said, all professional OCM’s are responsible for the following:

  • Ensuring compliance with the Owners Corporations Act 2006, Owners Corporation Regulations 2007 & 2018
  • Preparing and providing financial summary statements to all members prior to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) including the Owners Corporation budget
  • Managing the building insurance requirements
  • Organising repairs and maintenance to common property
  • Managing Payments of all invoices
  • Maintaining and managing all common service agreements and contracts
  • Archiving all documentation
  • Circulation of Minutes, Notices and Special Correspondence
  • Levying of Contributions
  • Commence debt recovery procedures against non-financial owners
  • Holding and chairing the Owners Corporation General Meeting
  • Providing Owners Corporation Certificates as required (at appropriate costs)
  • Maintaining the Owners Corporation register
Why use a Professional Owners Corporation Manager?

Typically, Owners Corporation’s associated with larger facilities engage professional Owners Corporation Managers to assist and guide executive committees in the development and implementation of the often complex compliance and legislative requirements and dispute handling.

Professional Owners Corporation Managers are open to review, held accountable to their Owners Corporation committee and transparent in all aspects of their performance. While not unilateral decision makers, Owners Corporation Managers can provide through their professional network and experiences and buying power, the specialist people and processes to significantly improve the executive committees performance.

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